Dahlia Delight


It’s not often one can call up a neighbor who happens to be one of the world’s greatest potters and get invited to stop by and view her extraordinary Dahlia garden. I respectfully called Frances Palmer to see if she would like to donate some of her pottery pieces to a Designer show house (Rooms with a View) I was designing. We then got on the topic of her extraordinary dahlia garden and she graciously invited me to stop by for a viewing before the next frost would take them away. With surprise and delight, I accepted, excited to see the magnificent colors that transform an old tennis court on her property grounds. I felt like a child reading Narnia for the first time as I entered the floral court. Every step and turn made was a visual spectrum of color, a kaleidoscope of petals well-loved and groomed they created a menagerie of spirit. Countless species, some white like bleached linen and others deep as burgundy gracefully casts shadows through the fall light. I could have stayed and admired their beauty and bumble bees drinking nectar half the day. Thank you Frances for a magical experience as I never knew how beautiful a Dahlia could be until I graced the gardens you created. Your countless hours of work and dedication are so respected and admired. Thank you for the gift of inspiration.


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